Saturday, January 19, 2013

Born On This Day- January 19th... Dolly Parton

Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on this very day, January 19th, 66 years ago. I love Dolly Parton. I love her big voice, her big hair, & her big boobs.

I also admire her. She’s passionate about early childhood education, & has done amazing & important work to give kids who are born in her Appalachian Hills a good start in life with the Dollywood Foundation, which runs the Imagination Library, providing children a new book every month until their 5th birthdays.

Parton is an outspoken proponent of women’s rights. A Christian, like Tammy Faye, she seems to have actually read the Bible & gets the message of the life of Jesus. She supports gay rights & marriage equality, & has appeared on the cover of Out.

Parton’s production company, Sandollar Productions, which she started with her longtime manager/business partner/close friend- Sandy Gallin, an openly gay man, chose, as its first project, the 1989 Oscar winning documentary about the making of the AIDS quilt- Common Threads.

Drag Queens adore Parton, which is the highest compliment a human being can hold. The wigs, the costumes, the trashy makeup, the over-the-top, larger-than-life hair, & we still believe her sure-enough sweetness & love.

She built a Dolly Parton-themed theme park. I want a Stephen theme park- SteveTown!, a place with Mary Jane tasting rooms, whiskey & pizza bars, a Daniel Craig ride, & Stephen singing songs on the Steve Stage every day. Every evening at twilight, Stephen ascends to the top of the Magic Castle with a baby pink spot light following him.

Parton Is Fabulous, & fabulous come from self-invention. This is what the Old Style, Pre-Stonewall Gays cherish, getting kicked in the balls & then having the genius & artistry to remake yourself into a fabulous creature. Don’t you think Dolly Parton fits the bill? She is a Coat Of Many Colors, from her style to her stylish struggle against adversity & prejudice, plus her unabashed  celebration of sexuality.

Do you think of Dolly Parton as a Gay Icon? What is your favorite Parton project? I am still over the moon for the Trio Albums with Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt.


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  2. Life would be so much less colourful without Dolly Parton! I love her "piss-take" country records most of all - "Sandy (and her little dog Andy)" and "Letter to Heaven" still send me into paroxysms of (sick) laughter to this day... Jx

  3. SteveTown sounds like a wonderful idea. For starters, I would love to ride Daniel Craig; and there would have to be a nice little cabaret, an intimate little boite, for your "Steve Sings Steve, as in Sondheim" program.

  4. It is an incredible CD, the trio. To Know Him is to Love Him is a beautiful song, and I'm more than reassured to know that it has nothing to do with religion.

  5. Run don't walk to get the documentary 'For the Love of Dolly'. It will blow your mind. x

  6. I'll have to check out that documentary. I love her lyrics, her voice, and her personality!

  7. Wow. I am precisely one day younger than Dolly Parton. I have a big voice, big hair in my youth, no boobs. You can't have everything.


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  9. Her version of Stairway to Heaven is awesome!


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