Monday, March 26, 2012

That's Miss Ross To You...

I didn’t just listen to The Supremes from the very start with Where Did Our Love Go in 1964, I danced & sang all the individual Marie Wilson, Florence Ballard & Diana Ross in my bedroom with candle stick microphone. That would pinpoint me at 10 years old acting decidedly gay.

Diva, gay icon, award-winning actress, singer & songwriter, Miss Ross has won 8 American Music Awards, 12 Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe Award & a Tony Award. Before embarking on her solo career  in 1970, The Supremes sold more than 100 million records & 18 number one Billboard hits.

In 1976, Billboard named her the female entertainer of the century. With iconic gay anthems, like I’m Coming Out, Ross holds an exalted place in diva, drag queen & gay history. Plus, she brought us Mahogany, a movie as gay as Wizard of OZ, Showgirls, or Thor.

On this day, her 68th birthday, I wanted to share an amazing performance by Miss Ross. This song is not one of her 18 #1 singles,  but this clip shows the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, verve & talent that made her a superstar, a cultural pioneer, & a true Gay Icon. When she performs live, Miss Ross delivers a sound & an emotional connection that can not be achieved by lip syncing for your life!


  1. You forgot "well-documented bitch" in your description...

  2. She's The Boss!

    @Prospero: When I met her--and danced with her--she was lovely, to me and my friends.

  3. Mary Wilson, not Marie. She's still around.


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