Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Conversation At Post Apocalyptic Bohemia

The Husband: “I was working on a Conceptual Art piece right here in the house, but I thought maybe it would make you angry so I scrapped it”

Stephen:I can’t imagine that… you are allowed to do whatever you wish in the house & I love watching the process. I was fully supportive of the Grotto in the Hallway, even if it never got farther than a hole in the wall that we lived with for 3 years. What is this piece of art? Really, tell me!”

The Husband: “I was going to see what the result would be of my not picking-up the socks on your side of the bed. I imagined it would be provocative piece & an experience for the senses… but then, we ran out of socks & I had to do laundry.”

Stephen: “Hey... I get up at 4am & I am not thinking of picking up socks, & I make the bed sometimes & I noticed that you do not pick-up your socks on your side of the bed.

The Husband: “That would be just one pair of socks. Not like your side. One pair, yet to be scooped up is laundry. Steve’s Selection of Sordid Socks is art.


  1. Lu to Jr.,
    I don't think this would be a good time to tell POB and the Husband about our concept piece in the crawl space under the house.

    Jr. Listen dear, at some point the are going to smell it.

    Lu. That is why we have the I have to do all the thinking!

  2. I have tried similar concept pieces related to dishes, toilet paper, the humidifier and junk mail. They pretty much always go the way I think they will and I am forced to end the exhibition....

  3. Now that is a controversy. My partner and I have discussions like this, especially about dishes. He's much more into cleaning than I am though.


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