Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maxims For Living

"Style is knowing who you are
 & what you want to say,
 & not giving a damn."

Gore Vidal


  1. Please, I beg of you! Stop making my days more expectant, brighter and just that little bit hazed in a distant sunrise. I am simply not used to enjoying reading a blog and then running off and buying a book simply because your write-up paints a picture I want to see for myself. I refer to the wonderful Nijinsky, of course.
    Thank you.
    I care for my severely disabled and blind partner (U.K), of thirty years and I know it may sound sad, but because I can never leave our home, I count my pooter as a friend and my partner? He's just as gorgeous as he was at nineteen - and I love him even more than I ever did. But I love the thought of your blog too, to follow someone for a little time most days and to send ou my best thoughts.
    Bless your heart in two places.

  2. Now thats a coat! He looks a bit like a muppet (in a good way!).


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