Sunday, March 18, 2012

Isn't This Better?

Thinking of Kander & Ebb’s songs this morning, because that is what I do, arise very early in the morning, have coffee & consider the great songwriting teams, I wanted to dig deep for a Kander & Ebb song that I held in high regard, but that readers might not know. There are platinum tunes from even their biggest flops, I can name so many. But, were they ever involved in any project as stinky as Funny Lady, the totally unnecessary 1975 film sequel to Funny Girl. This mess is a highly fictionalized account of the later life & career of comedienne Fanny Brice & her marriage to songwriter/empresario- Billy Rose. The film does feature a few well staged musical numbers & a fair share of absurd production numbers, but several top-notch songs. I always have been drawn to this torchy tune. I would like to do it in my act, in a single pool of light, in a tux with the tie undone:

I loved the man
Truly I did
When he would touch me
I’d act like a love-hungry kid
Isn't this better?

Somebody nice somebody new
Someone who lets me react as I normally do
Isn't this better?

Passion is fine but passion burns fast
Passions design seems never to last
Better a match
Better a blend
Who needs a lover?
I need a friend

Now I am calm save & serene
Heartache & hurt
Are no longer a part of the scene
Isn't this better
The way it should be?

Better for him
Much better for him
& also much better for me


  1. Barbra Streisand is always better.

  2. You would sing that beautifully SR!

    It has always been one I like a lot.

  3. Lovely song. Unusual time signature. I sang it a few times, in clubs in San Francisco back in the eighties. Without changing the pronouns and such, you understand - wasn't I terribly brave? : )

  4. Here's what a great song it is: I bought that soundtrack as a little high school gayling when it came out and until this very post right now, never realized that it had been written for the film. I always assumed it was a standard from the Great American Songbook..... and so, it turns out, it is! Thanks Stephen for the enlightenment.


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