Monday, June 27, 2011

Sing Out, Louise!

Orphans. We always seem to have one, but in the summer of 2011 we have 2, a canine & human. I will post about both of them, but the canine orphan's tale is a more sanguine story, so it goes first.

Larry, the dog, moved into Post Apocalyptic Bohemia a few months after Sister, our tiny terror of a terrier left us at age 16. A tough one, that Sister, even to the end. Putting her down was an agonizing decision. It is never easy to decide when to say good-bye to an animal friend, they rely on us for that choice, & I never want to have to make it. At the end, Sister's body was that of a dog half her age & she had no disease, no cancer, & no arthritis. But she was deaf & demented. Sister would find herself in a corner & not be able to figure out how to leave, she would walk in a small circle for hours. Heartbreakingly, Sister didn't seem to know who we were in her final months.

Larry was a rescue dog. He was a baby biter & I of course felt some affinity for this orphan. I am also drawn to biting a baby, babies are both aggravating & appetizing. He came to live with us when he was 8 years old & he recently turned 14. Larry is not the most lovable canine. He is a corpulent, cantankerous, covetous cur. He is the Eric Cartman of tail-waggers.  Still, it is woeful to watch Larry loose the use of his back legs & he has cancerous growths that take away from his masculine good looks. Larry's entire focus in life is food. He will be with us until he has no interest in eating. Then we will know it will be Larry's time to leave.

 The Husband holding a very rasty Larry. Enjoy... the Husband will make me remove this photo & I will have a reckoning.

A week ago, my handsome, sexy, talented friend Bryan tossed off: "Do you & your husband think you could take on another terrier?" I was a bit taken aback because the Husband & I had recently admitted that we were not looking for another dog, there would be no visiting of shelters or looking online, but if a hardluck story should plop in our lives, we might be able to be Daddy Warbucks for a canine Little Orphan Annie.

She was dropped off at the animal shelter in Tillamook, Oregon, by a family in an RV, saying that they just didn't want her anymore. The shelter is not a "no kill" shelter & because they lack funding in the current economy, this shelter does not hold on to animals long before doing them in. My buddy Bryan's charming mother volunteers at the shelter & she understood that this little female terrier deserved one more chance & decided to foster her rather than leave her on Death Row with the Pit Bulls.

  Her first moment in her new home

Meeting her new family

 Seemingly stunned by the promise of her fortunate future

She has been with us for only 24 hours, but she seems to sense that she has hit the doggy lotto jackpot. I have brought home all our dogs, with the Husband never having had a say in that decision. But, he has chosen all of our animal family's names. He has dubbed her- Louise. She came with the name- Snickers, but I couldn't abide saying Snickers because it was a name I was bestowed with in kindergarten, & the situation that brought me that moniker is still to painful to think about 55 years later (it had something to do with my inability to make it to the bathroom in time).

We have long ago shortened Junior's name to June... so now we have June & Louise. If you catch that reference, you are in my club.

Dainty June & Baby Louise

She already has my heart, the Husband's too.

Every little breeze seems to whisper 'Louise.'
Birds in the trees seem to twitter 'Louise.'
Each little rose tells me it knows I love you.
Every little beat that I feel in my heart
Seems to repeat what I felt at the start.
Each little sigh tells me that I adore you, Louise.
Just to see & hear you is joy I never knew,
But to be so near you thrills me through & through.
Anyone can see why I wanted your kiss.
It had to be, but the wonder is this:
Can it be true, someone like you
Could love me, Louise.

Leo Robin


  1. Congratulations. Louise is the luckiest doggy around!

  2. I likes a story with a happy ending.

  3. Louise is gorgeous! Lucky girl!

  4. Momma I am pretty! I'm a pretty girl!

  5. Louise...sweet! I love it...

  6. In the first picture, I very much like: the placement of birds in the cupboard and the strategic placement of geometric shapes in and around the cupboard (including below); the book tables and the wall carpet with a medieval picture on it.

    On the poem:
    Made me think that back then, the twittering trees were the Internet :-)

  7. I have to add that I've been situationally forced to take in a big dog for a short while, to keep it away from moving parties (people are changing their placements of residence). The short while part is important, because at where I am, I have very little physical space for a dog.

  8. Thanks Stephen,
    I needed to hear this story right now...

    Hope you are getting well!

  9. How gorgeous for all of you! Once a terrier person, well, you really have to surrender yourself to it.


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