Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reverie On A Summer's Slumber

The end of summer, well actually there are 3 weeks left & I will take them. Still, I feel the first smart stinging sorrow that comes over me at summer’s end. August is my favorite month, with 31 days & no holidays. Good bye, August.

Last Sunday our new friends- Peter & Nancy joined us for brunch. The husband, who is the cook in this family, provided a very summer-ish meal of 2 varieties of bruschetta: heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, & guacamole, & one with grilled asparagus & goat cheese both drizzled with a balsamic reduction. My contribution was a white wine & apricot puree punch. A summer Sunday in the Boys’ Fort with new friends & Portland came through with 64 degrees & rain!

I love that the blue polish on the Husband's toes matches the blue of the hydrangea. Larry the canine concurs.

Nancy remarked that Post Apocalyptic Bohemia suggested & had the sense of a beach bungalow with its rocks & beach glass, boardwalks & grasses, stacks of books, dogs, & barefoot men. We live close enough to the Pacific Ocean that we get cool, salty marine air in the mornings. We are just blocks away from the mighty Columbia River & the north flowing Willamette River, which provides us with visits from gulls, eagles & the occasional beachcomber.

Do you feel like you are at the beach?

Labor Day Weekend may spell the end of summer, but September has always felt like the start of the year, perhaps because I lived a big chunk of my life in academia. The melancholy that comes with summer’s sleep is balanced with the thrill of new pencils, Pee Chee folders, & jockstraps.


  1. Great photos. I'm not ready for summer to end. It went too fast.

  2. "Do you feel like you are at the beach?" More like heaven. I love the pics of your place :-)

  3. Envy, envy and more envy. Just beautiful (your home and this post). As for myself, I refuse to admit that Summer might come to an end-I REFUSE!

  4. SO jealous. Beautiful pics and sounds like great food.

    I cannot believe it will be Labor Day. Too soon, too soon. But, it's not really the end of summer once you don't have to go back to school.

  5. september is the start of a new year, 5771. i don't personally use that calendar, but some do.

  6. I love the pics because it always looks so peaceful where you are. I love September because it's my birthday and football and hockey seasons are just around the corner.

  7. If I lived in your idyllic home I would wish for an endless summer. However, I live in NYC and cannot afford a Hamptons retreat, it is still 92 degrees and humid here, I will gladly show this summer the door.
    I want, no need, to accessorize beyond hydrangea blue nail polish, I want to wear a jacket, a scarf, a hat. I long to inhale cool crisp air scented with burning logs from chimneys and cab exhaust.
    Your dog Larry resembles a canine neighbor of mine, she sits on my stoop every day with her rude mute master but she always politely says hello to me with her eyes. Her name is Penny.
    Penny is sick of the heat as well.
    Penny says the heat has gotten to my brain and that I should turn on the air conditioner now.
    X David


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