Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Music!

I found the name Ariel Aparicio written in the husband's handwriting on the back of his physical therapy exercises handout sheet. Hmmm...who is this Ariel? So, I go on the Internet & this what I found. I love him & this cover of the 80s Psychedelic Furs tune (loved the original!). Thanks to the Husband!

From his website:

Ariel Aparicio knows rock and roll, & on his latest releases, he grabs hold of this knowledge & a host of life experiences & hoists them violently & unapologetically onto the recordings, for all to hear. Ariel’s latest endeavor, his version of the Psychedelic Furs ‘80s classic “Pretty in Pink". Not only has the response been overwhelming, but Richard Butler (lead singer of The Furs) chimed in - “I loved the version. Well done!” His latest full-length release is titled All These Brilliant Things.

Cuban by birth, Ariel is now a full-time Brooklynite. Having gone from bartender to the owner of two of Brooklyn’s hottest restaurants, JOYA in Cobble Hill and SONG in Park Slope, Ariel is attuned to the abrupt highs and lows of life in the city. Ariel spent three years cooking up the tasty numbers on All These Brilliant Things, following the release of his acclaimed punk-rock jaunt Frolic and Fuck, which the Hot Indie News called “an indie rock classic.” His debut, titled All I Wanted, was released in 2002 & was also favorably received.

Ariel and his partner opened JOYA, their first restaurant eight years ago. He was a struggling musician and waiter, and his partner was a court reporter. According to Ariel, they figured, "what do we have to lose? We will always be in debt anyway." Both restaurants serve Thai food & provide delicious, inexpensive food in a very cool rock & roll environment. He says, "There is always music playing. It is always a good time! That's what I wanted to do. I wanted a restaurant that was an expression of ourselves. Music is vital in our lives & it's vital in our restaurants. If you listen closely, you will occasionally hear an Ariel Aparicio tune coming off the iPod during the week or from our DJ's on the weekend."In early 2009, Ariel was given the honor to be a part of the OUTMusic “Freedom of Expression” campaign - a campaign that addresses the silent discrimination that goes on within the entertainment industry & focuses on positive encouragement for GLBT artist to be “out” & “open” about their sexuality.

Currently, Ariel resides in Brooklyn with his life partner of 15 years & their 3-year-old son.

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  1. Lovely story those guys have--I hope it works out for them because owning and operating a restaurant can be a brutally difficult business.


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